Integrative medicine


Dr. Joachim Fluhrer is a Medical Practitioner, and widely regarded as a leader in the field of Integrative Medicine.

He is considered one of Australia’s most experienced authorities in combining nutritional and environmental medicine with standard medical practise. His particular interest is the incorporation of evidence-based gene assessment in holistic cancer management. He continues to source the most advanced molecular techniques available, using them as a tool to complement current clinical standards. Dr Fluhrer advocates utilising molecular tools as an aid to interpreting the effects of environmental influences on gene activity.

'Each patient is an individual, with their own genetics, individual upbringing and experiences. All this, combined with current lifestyle, medications, their emotional and mental state, exercises and nutrition, creates the circumstances in which the patient finds themselves.'

As the medical director of Genostics Australia, Dr Joachim Fluhrer seeks to further the value of integrative medical practise in the community, particularly against the backdrop of the rapidly evolving paradigm of molecular medicine.


Nutritional and environmental medicine

Nutrients are the building blocks of human physiology and play a key role in a person's health and wellbeing. Current medical literature increasingly bears out the fundamental role of nutrition in health-optimisation and the prevention and treatment of many common conditions.

Environmental medicine addresses the body's:

  • External environment - allergies, sensitivities, toxicities and level of ability to detoxify
  • Internal environment - the GI tract - gut flora, integrity of intestinal wall, nutrient absorption and the immune system